Monday, March 19, 2007

Ah that was a full-on gardening weekend!! Saturday Biggest One and I set off at 9.30 full of good intentions. It was not too cold, and we hauled a heap of stuff down to the garden: some more tools, the fruit bushes, potatoes, my week's vege scraps, some shredded cardboard for mulch.
With quite a bit of difficulty we put up the compost box, it is massive! About a square metre!! But it makes the place look tidy.
Then we put in some spuds, Rosevals (reds) and Sirtema. I have loads left over! might have to give them away. I will put in some more in April, to make sure we have a plentiful supply.
Finally, after much thought, I decided to put the fruit in its definitive position. It is cold but not very windy, and they are a bit sheltered by the compost box. So we dug in a bit of compost, forked all over the joint then dug some decent holes and planted them. I put in a few poles too near the raspberries so I can string up some wire later on in case they need support.
We went home, I cooked lunch then went out again by myself after lunch, when I planted my pea seedlings that were not too happy in their newspaper pots, I put some wire fencing next to them so they can climb. If they die, I guess that is the law of nature!! I've got plenty more seeds at least! Popped in some mint too, in a big plastic container that I hid in the ground. And in a rather daring move, I also planted some carrots (early) and some parsnips. Call me crazy. Might just sprout.
My bloody legs were killing me on Saturday night though.
Yesterday (Sunday) a very garden-oriented friend came to visit the allotment and was impressed by the setup. He helpfully spotted some (wonderfullt fragrant) thyme, growing madly all over the place on another allotment, at which point he bent down, found a piece that was sending roots into the ground, pulled it up and twisted it off! "Here you go, go and shove that in next to your shed." OMG I am an allotment thief! I thought, but then I rationalised that this fellow really did have rampant thyme and he could never use all that was there and I don't think he will miss a little bit of root that was out on the pathway. So I shoved it in next to the shed and felt slightly less guilty.
He has kindly offered me a couple of artichoke plants, which I gratefully accepted, I will have to go and get them next weekend. Dunno where I will put them! But artichokes are delicious, so couldn't refuse.

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