Monday, February 26, 2007

Saturday was a soggy mess, rain most of the day so I only went to the lottie on Sunday morning. I was the only person there! After a while, my plot neighbour came and picked himself some sprouts for the Sunday lunch and then buggered off again, so I was alone once more. The carpet does seem to be working on killing the weeds under the paths at any rate, I anchored them down again, which seems to work quite well.
I dug some more trenches on my to-be-been section and buried the kitchen scraps that have been fermenting at my place for two weeks. The compost pile seems to be working ok, when I forked it over, there were a lot of slimy leek clippings and most of the weeds and grass I have been adding have turned brown and in some cases rotted quite significantly. There were quite a few fat pink worms feasting in there when I turned it, so they are doing a good job.
Surprise of the morning was that the non-gardener of the house took Small Ones out on their bikes so they paid me a visit. As usual, it was to say that I wasn't doing everything the right way, but never mind, I feel as if my cunning plan is taking shape. At least he and Biggest One brought all my now-dry tomato stakes into the shed so they are ready for the summer.
Anyway, my garlic is shooting!! I am so pleased! Little green shoots were poking out of the ground. I pulled out a bit of grass and weed from the plot, then set to work raking over some space next to them where I will plant my onions. I am not too worried about getting onions out of the garden, they are something I am quite happy to buy, but I thought I would just see what they were like. I planted three little rows, about three dozen onions I guess.
Next, I got some of the sprouting potatoes that I had dug up out of the lottie back in January and planted them, about a dozen I guess. I decided that I had bought enough new ones not to merit planting more of these, it's really just to see what they are like. I will wait for another two weeks before planting the others that are starting to sprout in the pantry.
I used the plastic sheets that I had scrounged from work and planted three sweet little plots, spring onions, radishes and parsley, covering them over with the plastic and burying the edges. It is so mild here, maybe I can take off the plastic once the radishes start to grow well. It might help the parsley germinate at least.
Spring is here early, many of the trees are covered in delicate white or pink blossom, and daffodils are sprouting up all over the place. More short tulips were poking out of the ground yesterday on the plot which is sweet.

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