Friday, February 16, 2007

I have made two little discoveries this week that are of interest to the garden. First was a load of pallets that were stacked up outside my work, and I thought, I'll have some of those and try and make a structure for the growing compost pile. Took a couple home and ended up hacking them apart with the power saw lol, what a mess all over the kitchen, but anyway, I have the pieces waiting to put something together. I fear it will turn out to be to small, but it's a start. I am just putting a bit of a frame up then I will use some of the wire fencing I have scavenged to make the actual "walls". I'll try and get that over to the garden this weekend.
secondly was some plastic. Big plastic bags used to deliver things. I am going to try cutting them up and using them to cover some radish and lettuce seeds just until they sprout. By mid-March I am thinking that I will be able to uncover them. The weather here is so mild but it's a tricky time of the season.
I have some newspaper and some plastic trays so this weekend I am going to try my hand at some seedlings, at least the first tomatoes and the peas. Maybe some herbs too? Sounds like material for some more photos :-)

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