Monday, February 26, 2007

Decided to make a separate post for my seedlings! So I can take some photos and add them. They are all sprouting! I am so pleased! The peas are now about 3 cm high and the tomatoes have just given me their two spindly leaves and popped off their seed caps. The peas I am planning to put in once they get to ten or fifteen centimetres. And the lettuce too is just poking its head through the soil. So apparently my pantry is a good temperature for these, it is cooler there than the rest of the house. But I will harden off the peas for a week before I plant them. Luckily I have these planter boxes outside my windows, where I can sit them, they will be cool but out of direct wind.
On the home front, my hyacinths are starting to bloom in the window box and the tulips are about 5 cm high. Some mint from last year that I thought was dead has brought up some new growth, which is a cute surprise. I must start to put in some seed for some flowers, which worked well last year. My geraniums have karked it though, brown and shrivelled. I will buy some new ones I think, some trailing ones.

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