Tuesday, January 30, 2007

On another subject, the last few weeks of weeding have produced a rather worrysome pile of green rubbish over in one corner. Until I can get a proper composting box set up, they are just lying there, covered with a bit of wood to stop them flying away. I was pleased to see that finally, some of this lot was starting to dry out and die, especially near the middle of the pile. So I forked it over a bit and with some luck it might eventually rot down a bit and be less of an eyesore.
I am having a bit of trouble getting help on identifying my weeds, I might actually be killing some things that could be handy or edible. I found quite a good web site that lists them by flower colour. So I think I can say that some of what I have dug up is groundsel, dandelion, possibly dock and i think maybe something called hairy mat, I don't know for sure (it is like a sort of mat of thin strands with tiny leaves. quite pretty actually). Touch wood, I don't seem to have any bindweed, I remember that from my last gardening experience and it is a real bastard. Anyway for now I am fighting the good fight just ripping them out one by one. I am hoping that because I am doing it before there are any flowers or seeds, I might stop them propagating.
Started to look for how to buy the plants for the garden. I went to the local garden centre but I was a bit disappointed by the variety and the prices!
But then I found Willemse, who are a catalogue outfit selling by mail order or the Internet. The prices were nothing like the same! Some of the varieties were different (maybe not quite so good) but they had a lot of choice. 3 goseberry bushes for 11€! A lot of seeds were only 1 euro the packet, sometimes 2 (and they sell parsnip seed which is hard to get here). Funnily enough, the spuds and onion sets were dearer so I shall get them close to home. I am a bit worried about getting my strawberries delivered thru the post!! But they have some lovely Mara des Bois, perpetuals, which I quite fancy, 12 euros for 15 plants, doesn't seem so unreasonable. I guess I should have a trial run and see what I get.

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