Tuesday, January 23, 2007

OK, managed to make a drawing of my layout. The paths should be either old carpet or when I run out of that, gravelled. Obviously as some things finish and get whipped out, like peas, I am hoping to find things to fill their space. Also thought I would stick short-term things like lettuce and radishes wherever a space turned up. I also wanted to try getting some info about companion planting so I could have a few flowers or shrubs here and there. I noticed another allotmenteer has a little Bay shrub, that would be nice for cutting and drying some bay leaves... A few cut flowers would be pretty, I am tempted to grow some gladioli, but i haven't a clue as yet as to when I should plant them, probably already too late.
Here is the plan for the first bits and pieces anyway. If you click the picture you can get the original that can be zoomed.

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