Monday, January 08, 2007

Hey I am surprisingly pain free this morning! Ok a bit stiff around the shoulders but on the whole it's fine.
I am now thinking about all the things that there are to be done for this garden. I'll have to draw a map of where I want to put everything. Stupid me, I didn't actually measure the damn thing so it's going to be approximate, I think it's probably three times as long as it is wide. I need to get my hands on some manure, there is a pony club next to my old house, maybe I can get some horse manure from there (hmmm transporting it in plastic bags in the back of the Fiat, that sounds like disaster in the making but it could be fun). Need to find something that can be used to hold up my peas, some fencing would be good, but can't pay for it, where can I start scavenging for those types of things? The last tenant left me lots of tomato stakes strewn around the plot, next week I'll gather them up and leave them upright to dry out a bit. The kids want a little space each so I'll have to plan that into it although I suspect it won't be what they suspect it to be and I'll end up filling that bit with basil.
Must get some photos going, that could be cool as well as educational, for the future crop rotation.

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