Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bugger is all I can say. I have been trying to spruce up the blog a bit, as I am new to it all, so I wanted to add some more links of all the other funny or clever blogs that I like reading. And I have realized that there is a blog that I read one day and forgot to bookmark, really stooopid of me, because it was a real laugh. It was written by a girl (English) who gave me hope as she seemed to be as hopeless a gardener as me, it was a bit like Bridget Jones with wellies on. And I have lost it forever in the quagmire of blog space. *sigh* maybe I will stumble on it again one of these days or some kind soul will remind me what it was.
I got a nice mail from Allotment Lady!! Hello!!!! I love her blog, except that she makes me feel so unaccomplished, she can do everything, garden, raise chooks, do lots of clever arty farty things, cook brilliant preserves and things. While for now I am just flinging a load of muck around. Must, Must, Must take photos of garden this weekend, so that in a couple of seasons' time I can look at a nice plot of ripening tomatoes, bulging pumpkins and leafy lettuces and feel a great sense of personal accomplishment (mmm unless I am staring at the tangle of weeds that are killing the parsnips, and pulling my 10 000th slug off the Red Salad Bowl with a curse). No, must be positive, I can grow things, it just looks hard now because there is nothing in the ground.
Anyway I hope that I will eventually be "linked" by a few other places, which would be very nice. Better get some piccies going though to lower the blah-blah factor...

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