Monday, January 22, 2007

Another Sunday, another go at the garden. Since the days are not yet long enough, I am reduced to weekend gardening as it is too dark once I get home to go and do anything. Still one does what one can...
So yesterday went with both Small Ones, Smallest One "playing sport" as she calls it, hanging around the bowls area and swinging on things. Biggest One decided to be a bit more hands-on, and helped me fork around a bit, marvelling at the size and abundance of earthworms in the ground. We got a bit done, but not much to write home about. It was a gorgeous day though, very sunny in the morning, then it rained and I cursed but it didn't last long and we went out straight away afterwards. It was fresh and some sunny patches, very sweet. It is so warm, winter has just failed to show up, but I hear a cold front is coming so I am pleased that I have almost finished the digging. If there is some frost, that will be ideal.
I had a look and decided that yes, I could create a gravelled patch to put on a table and chairs. I looked up the rules and regulations and BBQs are permitted as long as they are 2m away from the shed. So I think that will be in order for the summer, get a little BBQ so we can have some outdoors time. Being able to live outdoors was something I had always taken for granted in Oz but now it seems like something you have to seize when you get the opportunity to.
We found a bit of treasure too: someone had chucked away some old fencing into the skip at the top of the allotments so I grabbed that, undid the wire parts and put it in the shed, with a few wooden stakes and some wire, it will do a treat to put up a supporting trellis for my peas. If I can scrounge a bit more, it will be ideal. We found a few more metal stakes in the ground to, so I am saving those because I am sure they will be handy, either for holding down some plastic or such like.
The amount of weeds stacked up in a corner is starting to be a little alarming. I think that next time I should try chopping them up a bit more with the spade, so they can start to rot. I threw on my veggie scraps too, maybe they will start off the decomposition process.
I once again failed spectacularly to take some photos, must get that done next time.

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